Best Places To List Your Restaurant on the Internet

Are you ready to see customers walk through your restaurant’s doors instead of your competitors’? Well before you buy billboard space or spend a ton of money on print advertising, know this: A solid online presence can help you achieve that goal. While good SEO is one way to boost your online presence via high rankings on search engines, leveraging the power of online listings, directories, and social platforms is another. Learn all about listing your restaurant.

The 13 Best Places to List Your Restaurant on the Internet

According to, 40% of people who search for restaurants online include terms like “near me” or the city and state where they’re located. Simply adding “near me” to a restaurant search is likely to spit out precise results in under a second (or longer if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck with a slow connection). What do these searchers do with those results? They scour them and often transform them into a same-day visit. In other words, improving your online visibility can definitely improve your bottom line.

Before jumping into an actual list of where you should list your restaurant on the Internet to get more clients, let’s take a quick look at what your listings should include:

  • The word “restaurant” – 85% of hungry food-seekers include this in their search.
  • The type of cuisine you offer – 78% of searches include the cuisine category they desire. If possible, upload your menu to expand on this.
  • Any events you may have – Is something specific planned for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patty’s, or another occasion? Be sure to include that info or, even better, add all your events to any available calendars.
  • Reviews – 13% of searchers seek reviews before they make a final decision to visit an establishment. Social proof (as long as it’s positive) is a great way to boost business and expand your reach.
  • Coupons or promotions – It’s important to list any coupons or promotions on your site. It’s even more important to do it on directories and other sites.
  • Accuracy – Make sure all of your info is correct. Spelling counts! And if you move, update your info. Sending potential patrons to the wrong address is a big no-no.
  • Where to list your restaurant online for maximum exposure

1. Yelp – If someone’s looking for reviews on your local business, they’ll usually go to Yelp. That’s especially true if it’s a restaurant. Positive Yelp reviews can help you blow up fast (in a good way) via word-of-mouth.

2. TripAdvisor – When you travel, do you usually cook in your hotel? Probably not. A TripAdvisor listing can help you attract travelers looking for a nice place to dine while away from home. The site has 60 million visitors a month, plus offers reviews.

3. Allmenus – Millions of visitors hit Allmenus monthly to see actual restaurant menus without having to leave home. Upload your menu here to get listed on all the major search engines.

4. Citysearch – Many visit Citysearch to get the lowdown on what cities have to offer. A free listing will put you in front of those visitors who may just drop in that very same day.

5. Facebook – Leverage the power of Facebook’s massive number of members. The social networking site is great for posting hi-res photos of your offerings, reviews, updates, relevant articles, coupons, and more that its over 1 billion users can see.

6. Yahoo! Local Listing – 150 million-plus people use Yahoo! to find restaurants in their area. Ratings, reviews, interactive maps, and driving directions all work to drive those people into your eatery.

7. Foursquare – Ever see Foursquare check-ins online? It’s a powerful feature that allows this directory to expand your restaurant’s reach via word-of-mouth.

8. Bing Places for Business – Everyone’s not a Google lover. For those who aren’t, you’ll likely find them looking for local food on Bing. Think Bing isn’t worth your time or attention due to Google’s big name? Think again, as over 150 million people use it monthly for their search needs.

9. DexKnows – An online reputation can determine just how many people take a seat at your restaurant’s tables. DexKnows specializes in tracking customer engagement so you can see how they react to your offerings and overall environment.

10. Google My Business – It may be listed tenth in this list, but putting your restaurant on Google My Business could probably be first on your list in terms of importance. It’s no secret that Google is the search engine king, and with over 6 billion daily searches, it would be wise to leverage it’s power.

11. – Consider it the “meat and potatoes” (pun intended) of online restaurant directories. People use it to find out where you are, when you’re open, and how to get there. Oh, and they also offer reviews.

12. 8coupons – Everybody loves a discount, and on 8coupons, they’ll find it thanks to the more than 500 sources that contribute to this coupon directory.

13. White Pages – That bulky phone book you use to swat flies is now online its more “futuristic” (and much lighter) form. Use White Pages to help over 200 million visitors discover your business’ contact information.

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