Why do most people use social media nowadays? Beyond keeping in touch, they use it to share common interests. When you have a brand or business, you want to be that common interest that gets shared amongst users. Once you achieve that goal, you’ll be able to create a community of followers that are quite likely to become loyal customers over the long haul.

How do you create a community of followers? Via a sound social media strategy. At J&J, we won’t just help you create a community, we’ll help you trigger engagement that leads to growth. Most importantly, we’ll manage that community to build your reputation while building your business and boosting your bottom line.

Creating a community involves much more than just signing up on a social network and creating a profile or page, especially when you’re looking to build a brand for your business. Whether you’re looking to leverage the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, there’s a specific formula that will increase your chances of success. Here are some of the parts of that formula that we use to help our clients reach the masses:

  • Content – Want to go viral and get noticed on social media to possibly take your brand global? Creating amazing content will help you get there. J&J will consult you on which content works best for your brand, giving you specific pointers along the way so you can kick-start conversations and get shared across social media with ease. We’ll do everything possible to drive engagement and ensure that it gets posted at the best times/dates for maximum exposure. In short, we’ll make sure your content remains on people’s minds and will keep them coming back for more.
  • Influence – Want an almost instant boost in your exposure? J&J can give it to you by contacting the top influencers in your industry. Once we establish a relationship with them, you can use their reputation and reach to grow your own.
  • Engagement – Social media is all about interaction and engagement. The more of it you have, the more exposure (and eventual customers) you’ll get. J&J knows the secrets to strategic communication that maximize engagement so you can promote your brand by letting your community do most of the legwork.
  • Reputation – One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it allows people to share their thoughts. Unfortunately, there may come times when the thoughts people share about your business aren’t exactly positive. Social media and community management is anything but a set it and forget it deal. You have to closely monitor your communities to ensure that your reputation doesn’t take a hit from one negative review that can grow into several within seconds. J&J specializes in reputation management to keep your name and brand squeaky clean, regardless of those who try to tarnish it.

Are you ready to build your brand, increase your reach, attract customers that transform into conversions, and protect your name via social media? If so, contact the community management experts at J&J now to do all of the above so you can leverage the power of social media to build your business quickly.