Facebook Ads: 5 Tips To Boost Your Business

Are you using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your site, get customers, and boost your bottom line? If not, it’s probably because you don’t know how to leverage their power or don’t think they work. Today we’ll look at why you should use Facebook Ads to build your business, plus some tips for getting the most bang for your advertising buck when dealing with Mr. Zuckerberg in your quest for clients.

Before we begin, you may be wondering just how popular Facebook Ads are. To answer that question, they’re popular enough that over 5 million businesses used them in 2017. The future looks even brighter too. In terms of market share, it’s predicted that Facebook Ads will snag almost half of 2018’s total online ad spend. In other words, they’re pretty damn popular.

Unfortunately, generating business from FB Ads isn’t as easy as creating an account, filling out some fields, and forking over your credit card. That’s why it’s time to jump into those tips we promised you to help you get closer to becoming a FB Ads expert.

Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Trigger More Than Just Empty Engagement

Are you the type who only likes to focus on such metrics as clicks, views, or reach? While those are factors that can increase your brand awareness, solely focusing on them could cause you to lose money in the long run.

What’s so bad about those metrics? It’s not so much that they’re “bad,” it’s that they’re not as important as actual sales. After all, that’s probably your main goal. And if you’re not getting actual sales from your ads, you’ll never reach that goal.

Empty engagement via simple clicks and views won’t boost your bottom line. If you see it alongside a big fat zero in the sales column, it might be time to rethink your overall strategy.

Give Manual Bids A Try

You want the maximum return on your investment when advertising with Facebook Ads or any other avenue. Although Facebook implemented an automatic bidding system to help maximize that ROI without racking your brain, some studies show that manual bidding may produce better results.

AdEspresso ran one such study that found manual bidding can achieve more conversions for less spend. This can help your growth and scaling goals over time, since you won’t be spending as much money to get your desired results.

Choose The Right Content Medium

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads containing video can be quite successful. In fact, a Nielsen study found that the first 10 seconds of a video ad can achieve 74% of total ad recall.

Does this mean you should limit your advertising scope to just video? Of course not. While video can certainly increase your chances of having a fruitful ad campaign on Facebook, there are a few things to consider before latching on to it.

First, know that video ads can be more expensive to run. The extra cost alone could prevent you from advertising as you wish. Second, your product or brand may have a better fit. For instance, if you have an eCommerce store you want to promote on Facebook, you might be better served with a carousel ad that showcases your products.

When choosing your content medium, whether it’s a video, carousel, or some other type of ad, remember that you want it to be a natural fit in your target audience’s newsfeed. If targeting an older, more sophisticated audience, you’ll want to stay away from some loud, flashy video that may have them scrambling to block it before they even see what your message is about.

Lastly, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is quite relevant when it comes to creating an ad. You’re better off spending more upfront for a solid piece of creative content that will spark engagement. If you skimp on costs just for the sake of saving money, you may spend more long-term to run that ad that lacks impact and is unable to catch your target audience’s eye.

Test And Track Your Facebook Ads

You may think you have the best set of FB Ads in the world. If you don’t test and track them, however, you may never know the true answer.

A/B or split testing is one of the best ways to optimize your ads. It involves testing ads that are exactly the same with the exception of one variable. For example, you may have twin ads that differ in their image. Or you may have twin ads that differ in their copy or written content. By running them both, you can see which works better so you don’t waste your time and money on an ad that won’t bring optimum results.

Track Your Competitors

You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to advertising on Facebook. One of the best ways to optimize your ad strategy is to see what your competitors are doing.

Do you have a specific competitor with a ton of followers? Does their content trigger tons of engagement and attention? If so, use their evidence as a guide to what your target market wants to see. Then tweak your strategy accordingly.

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