Many businesses create a website to represent their brand and grow their reach. And while that site may be up and running, it fails to achieve those goals. Here’s where an website audit from J&J saves the day by allowing you to see exactly what’s needed to optimize your site’s search engine rankings, conversions, social media reach, and more.

When Should You Schedule A Website Audit?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an existing website to have an audit performed. In fact, many of our customers give us their website plans in advance so we can determine if they’re on the right path before they proceed in building it. This saves both time and money. In many cases, it also saves their reputation by not having potential customers visit a website that’s poorly designed or incomplete.

Some businesses schedule website audits after they have their site redesigned and revamped. Others do it when they discover they’re having SEO problems and failing to rank for specific keywords. And some decide to have periodic audits to simply ensure their site is up to snuff and performing as it should.

What Does A Website Audit Include?

While every website’s situation is obviously different, there are some standard factors and questions that are taken into consideration when you consult J&J for our professional website audit services. Here are some questions you will have answered once your personalized SEO audit is completed:

  • Are you targeting the right keywords for your needs? Is your website optimized for those keywords to give you the best search engine rankings possible?
  • Is your content interesting and engaging? Does it trigger sharing on social media? Do you have too much duplicate or even plagiarized content that’s damaging your site’s SEO efforts and hiding you on search engines?
  • Are your internal and external linking strategies working? Are you linking to the wrong sites? Even worse, are you linking to rival sites and giving away your authority on the subject, boosting them in the process?
  • Is your page load time too slow? Is it so slow that you’re driving away any potential customers due to a poor user experience?
  • Are you engaging in proper local targeting techniques to snag same-day customers as they search for local services online in your industry?
  • Is your site optimized for use on mobile devices? Are you losing potential customers simply because your site doesn’t look/function properly on smartphones?

In short, a website audit includes an inspection of virtually every aspect of your site, including its appearance, content, and performance.

After we complete your website audit and deliver the results, we will schedule a call with you to go over any recommended tweaks to optimize SEO, conversions, and any other area where your site needs improvements. We will then consult you on how you plan to make these tweaks. If you do not have a specific plan in place, we’ll be happy to make any changes for you to ensure you make the most out of your online presence.

Are you ready to have your website audited professionally? Contact J&J now to schedule your initial SEO consultation so you can get on the fast track to success both on and offline.